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Welcome to our Annual Summit

We are excited to announce this year’s annual conference: A Mile High Summit in Denver, Colorado (July 12 thru July 15, 2017). The theme is an engaging one: The Arts and Sciences of Estimating.

Estimators face new and diverse challenges every day. Technical obstacles range from BIM and other software trends to a lack of standards facing the estimating industry. Other challenges are what we refer to as ‘soft- skill’ challenges ranging from professional team work, practical business presentation skills, and maximizing productivity and efficiency in an ever-chaotic workday. The goal of ASPE is to help equip estimators with the skills, knowledge, and tools to face and master these very challenges.

Having found many of the best experts in these fields and more to offer insight and practical implementation to support and enhance an estimator’s skillset, we invite you to join us in Denver for an exciting and engaging conference!

About ASPE

The objective of ASPE is to promote the development and application of education, professional judgment and skills within the industry we serve. Estimators, as well as other trades of Construction Engineering, must perform under the highest principles of ethical conduct as it relates to the protection of the public, clients, employers and others in this industry and in related professions.

The professional estimator must fully utilize education, years of experience, acquired skills and professional ethics in the preparation of a fully detailed and accurate estimate for work in a specific discipline. This is paramount to the development of credibility by estimators in our professional service. Estimating is a highly technical and learned profession, and estimators must understand their work is of vital importance to the clients and to the employers they serve. Accordingly, the service provided by the estimator should exhibit honesty, fairness, trust, impartiality and equity to all parties involved.

Registration Deadline and Pricing

Early Bird Registration


Deadline: May 12th

Regular Registration


Deadline: June 25th

Late Registration


Deadline: July 7th

Whats included

Welcome Reception with Open Bar – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Lunches, Award’s Dinner with Open Bar – President’s Dinner Party at the Denver Art Museum with Open Bar – snacks and drinks between educational sessions.
Breakfast is included each morning of your reservation at the Embassy Suites Downtown Denver.

What is NOT included Member is on their own

Thursday night dinner – Hotel reservation – Transportation

Speakers in Attendance

Josh Bone

BIM Services Manager, JBKNOWLEDGE

For more than a decade Josh Bone has been implementing, training and presenting construction technology solutions to AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners) professionals. Having worked with some of the top technology leaders in the industry, Josh specializes in identifying best practices and methodologies for integrating BIM and mobile applications into everyday workflows. Josh started his career working with design teams, then transitioned into helping construction professionals leverage technology in both the preconstruction and construction phases.


Kenyon Salo

The James Bond of Speaking and Keynote Engagements, "The Bucket List Life"

Kenyon Salo is one of the top trainers, facilitators and keynote speakers in his field of adventure, leadership, team building, sales, inspiration and motivation. One of only six members on the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team he is seen each week flying into Sports Authority Field at 60+mph, ending with a soft tip-toe landing on the ten yard line. He brings to the stage over 20+ years of successful audience engagement through humor, awe-inspiring moments, prolific storytelling and edge-of-the seat content. His goal is to deliver high caliber, powerful and heart touching content to each person in the room.


Nora Burns

Speaker & Hiring Consultant

Since stepping into the world of human resources more than two decades ago, Nora A Burns, SPHR has interviewed and on-boarded thousands of candidates and new hires for positions ranging from file clerk to executive vice president. Along the way, she decided to study and evaluate the hiring process from a different perspective; and as The Undercover Candidate™, Nora participated in over a hundred interviews to gain insight into the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective. Nora is passionate about helping associations and corporations hire and develop top talent to advance their overall mission and strategy. A strong believer in community involvement, Nora is an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and The Gathering Place. Originally from the Midwest, she lives in Denver, CO.

Andy Moffit, LEED AP

Director of Preconstruction, Ryan Companies US Inc

Andy is noted for his precision in the planning and design phases of projects. He uses his technical experience to assist project managers during the preconstruction phase of a project, focusing on design, budgeting and value engineering. Andy specializes in evaluating the aesthetic and functional, as well as the schedule and cost implications of all design options a customer may be considering. He knows listening to the customer and establishing clear goals and expectations early in the process will allow him to make the most impact on the overall success of a project.


Don Henrich

President and CEO, Assemble

Don Henrich is an accomplished technology veteran in both the MCAD and the AEC industries.  As President and CEO of Assemble he brings an distinguished track record of innovation, winning strategies, team building, and the ability to quickly grow revenue and market share.  Don and his wife Noel have three children, reside in Marblehead, MA and spend as much time as possible sailing on Massachusetts Bay.

Gregory R. Gidez – AIA, LEED AP, DBIA

Architect, Corporate Director of Design Services Hensel Phelps

Greg Gidez, AIA is the Corporate Director for Design Services for Hensel Phelps. Prior to joining Hensel Phelps Mr. Gidez was a Principal with the Denver firm of Fentress Architects for 26 years. As the senior design professional with Hensel Phelps, of Mr. Gidez oversees preconstruction services including procurement, design build, design assist, and design management. In addition Mr. Gidez oversees the Hensel Phelps Virtual Design Construction and Operations (VDCO) department, advancing the use of and incorporation of BIM and technology into the design and construction processes. Mr. Gidez is national speaker on integrated design and construction, and is the past Chair of the Design Build Institute of America Board of Directors, and the current Chair of the AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community, representing alternate project delivery strategies and best practices for architects. He has served for 5 years on the Charles Pankow Foundation Industry Advisory Panel, promoting research in advanced design and construction processes.

Niel Nickolaisen

Chief Information Officer, OC Tanner

Niel Nickolaisen is the CTO at OC Tanner. He has held technology executive and operations executive positions; typically in turnaround roles. He has a passion for helping others deliver on what he considers to be the three roles of IT leadership: 1) Enable strategy and 2) Achieve operational excellence and 3) Create a culture of trust and ownership. He holds a MS in Engineering from MIT, a BS in Physics from Utah State University, and an MBA from Utah State University. He writes an enterprise CIO column for SearchCIO. He is the author of “The Agile Culture” (2014, Addison Wesley) and “Stand Back and Deliver” (Addison Wesley, 2009). Niel was the winner of the 2015 Proph IT award.

K.J. McCorry

Officiency, Inc

K.J. McCorry is an excellent communicator and has a great understanding of how companies and people operate through her diversified work experience. K.J. founded Officiency, Inc. in 1996 and specializes in improving efficiency and productivity in organizations through refining processes and systems. She has excellent knowledge of IT systems and has a superb ability to facilitate groups and teams. As a regular contributor to the Boulder County Business Report on office organization, K.J. is the author of Organize Your Work Day in No Time (published in 2005) and is currently at work on her second book, The Paperless Office. Ms. McCorry received her BA in Psychology and International Business from Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado; and an Executive Masters in Business from the University of Denver.

Mile High Summit Agenda

03:00 – 08:00


06:00 – 08:00

Welcome Reception

Featuring Comedian Frank Ramirez

08:30 – 10:00

Two Concrete Things That Accelerate Transformation

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing world, what can organizations and leaders do to make sure that they focus their innovation where it matters most and how they can unleash their teams to do their best work? In this session, Niel Nickolaisen, award-winning technology leader and author of “The Agile Culture” and “Stand Back and Deliver” presents the two models he uses to ensure organizational, team and personal success:

  • Purpose Alignment helps us define what creates our competitive advantage, what deserves our innovation and for which things good enough is good enough.

  • The Trust / Ownership Model proposes that the primary role of a leader is to create a culture – but what culture unleashes talent, improves engagement and focuses on outcomes? A culture of trust and ownership.

    Niel uses a number of examples and one over-arching case study as he shares these models. His goal is that by the end of the session, participants are ready to use these models in their roles.


    10:15 – 11:45

    The Leadership Advantage - How to Connect, Communicate & Influence Different Personalities

    In this certified ‘DISC’ course, Betsy Allen-Manning shows you how to first understand your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can learn how to be a more effective leader; and then takes you through an interactive training where you will learn about the 4 personality styles-how to motivate each one and develop their potential within your organization.

    12:00 – 12:30


    12:30 – 02:00

    Keynote Lunch

    This high energy, opening keynote session, will perfectly set the stage during your conference event. Powerfully delivered by Kenyon Salo, who is the 'James Bond of Keynote Speeches'. You will learn how the three simple concepts of The Bucket List Life will guide you through your life long journey. See the creation of phenomenal experiences, hear the sharing of inspirational stories and ultimately feel like you are living more fulfilled by helping others along the way. A brilliant and easy path to learn how The Bucket List Life and Kenyon Salo will lift you up both personally and professionally.

    02:00 – 02:30


    02:30 – 04:00

    Leveraging Historical Costs to Maximize Cost Intelligence

    Andy Moffitt of Ryan Companies can tell you that leveraging historical costs for construction companies is easy to talk about but hard to do. It takes time and effort, and frequently it is viewed as time away from more demanding priorities. Even if historical costs are captured, often they are not captured in a way that maximizes their usefulness. In this presentation, the audience will learn about effective ways to structure your cost data so that historical trends can be recognized and used in cost forecasting. The following topics will be discussed in the presentation:

  • Recognizing the importance retaining project cost information
  • Overcoming the challenge of getting started and staying with it
  • The unique benefits of Trimble Modelogix as a historical cost database
  • Real world examples of leveraging cost information

    04:15 – 05:45

    Microsoft Excel Skills For Estimators

    In this fast-paced, high level overview led by Melissa Eagen, we will cover some of the most important Excel functions and formulas for estimating use, including: Linking between sheets; Basic Formulas (Sum, count); Advanced formulas (If); Formatting/Layout; and Worksheet Management (working with multiple sheets, tab options). We will review a sample spreadsheet and you will walk away with a detailed handout for future reference.

    08:30 – 10:00

    BIM: Case Study

    Hear from David Green and Gustav Choto is this illustrative presentation as they share from first-hand knowledge how to use BIM to kick-start project pre-construction, 2D and 3D quantity gathering, refining an estimate, and more.

    10:15 – 11:45

    BIM Expert Panel Discussion

    Estimators are just one segment of the construction industry that uses BIM on a daily basis. Because BIM addresses many user’s needs, estimators have technical questions ranging from model ownership, standardization across models, changes across models, and more. Yet, estimators also want to know how they can influence the development of BIM in the future. Hear from Greg Gidez, Josh Bone, and Don Henrich as they open the conversation about these topics and more.

    12:00 – 12:30


    12:30 – 02:00


    02:00 – 02:30


    02:30 – 04:00

    It’s Not Actually Worse Than Death: Surviving (and THRIVING at) Public Speaking

    Nora Burns understands that fear of public speaking is quite common; unfortunately that fear can cripple your career, since it’s almost impossible to be successful without having to present to a large group at some point, no matter what your formal job title or function may be. Whether you are responsible for presenting to your team, a larger group within your organization, or to an external audience, it pays to learn how to present with confidence and competence. This practical session covers the basics you need to know for successful presentations in a fun, interactive way – and we promise, no one has ever died or even required hospitalization as a result of this workshop!

    04:15 – 05:45

    Creating Time Efficiency & Managing Multiple Priorities

    KJ McCorry likes to ask "At the end of your workday do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and unproductive?" In today’s busy world it is important for workers to be as effective as they can with the limited hours of time during the day. If the unexpected interruptions and crises are affecting your productivity, then it is time to take control of your workday!

    07:00 – 10:00

    Awards Dinner

    08:00 – 09:30

    State of the Society Address and Q&A

    09:45 – 10:45

    Higher Education Panel Discussion

    11:00 – 12:00

    Estimating Textbook Discussion (Invitation Only)

    12:30 – 01:30

    Regional Breakouts

    02:00 – 04:30

    Rock Bottom Brewery Experience

    06:00 – 10:00

    President's Dinner at the Denver Art Museum

    Featuring Magician Carl Michael