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Online Class FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions & Student Feedback

1. How do I register for a class?
2. What is an online course?
3. Do you have a demonstration course I can look at?
4. What hours must I be in the classroom?
5. Do I have to be online for 3 hours at a time?
6. What if I have to go out of town while class is in session?
7. How do students learn in an online classroom?
8. What computer set up should I have to take the class?
9. How will I interact with the teacher?
10. How do I get to the online classroom?
11. Is an online class easier than a sit-in-a-classroom class?

FAQ Answers Student Feedback
Q: How do I register for class? 
A: Select the class topic you want to register for and click on the class title. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the large red "Register Now" button. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be sent your password information via email.

Q: What is an online course? 
A: An Online course is a class offered over the Internet The amount of work required of the student and the learning goals are no different than regular face-to-face classes.  Students interact with each other and the teacher by email and threaded discussion groups. One on one chat sessions with the teacher are available to the student by request.  Students must have Internet access and an email account. See the definitions of paced and self-paced courses for more information.

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Q: Do you have a demonstration course I can look at? 
A: Yes. To visit our Demo Course, click here

Q: What hours must I be in the classroom? 
A: You choose the time to attend class.  Most of our courses require about 4 or 5 hours per week of effort on your part.  You can expect to log into the online classroom early in the week when the weekly module is released and spend 45 minutes to an hour online with the new material.  Then, log in 4 or 5 more times per week for 30 minutes or so to keep up with the discussions and make your contributions.

Q: Do I have to be online for 3 hours at a time? 
A: No.  The correct way to take an online class is to log into the course often for short periods of time.  You will spend a bit more time online early in the week when the weekly lesson is released.  Then, as the week progresses, log on often to monitor and contribute to the discussion, case studies, and problem solving exercises.

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Q: How do I get to the online classroom?
A: Once you have completed the registration process you will be sent your password and a link to the online classroom.  Just click on the link we send and you will be in the classroom.

Q: Is an online class easier than a sit-in-a-classroom class?
A: No, they are about the same as far as difficulty is concerned.  Don't take an online class if you are just looking for an easy way to get a grade.  You will learn as much and work as hard in our online courses as you would in a classroom course.

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What Students are Saying (100 Series)

This was one of the best online courses I've taken. I do not feel as though I would have had a better experience in a classroom. Excellent job to the instructor.
(101 Introduction to Construction Estimating)

This is the one course that I will use daily at my job. Thanks for finally helping me understand how to actually use the correct formulas to get the right results!!
(102 Essential Construction Math)

Great class and instructor. I am new to reading blueprints and this class exceeded the expectations I had going into it. I wish I had a Bob (instructor) for my back pocket. . The pace and content were good for the subject mater being covered. I liked how the material came out weekly versus at ones own pace (time to digest, understand, review). (103 Construction Blueprint Reading)

I liked professor Zimmerman and his way of teaching also his input into the discussions. (105 Estimating and Bidding 1)

The homeworks are really helpful and the most realistic in my view. Give me the most knowledge and practice. (106 Estimating and Bidding 2)

The online lectures are in my opinion the greatest strength.
(107 Construction Materials and Processes)

What Students are Saying (200 Series)

Thank you David for all your instructions. Your wrapups after each Module gave me great insight. I believe this course has made me a better person in communication in all areas of my life. (202 Oral and Written Communications)

(I) will use the things I learned on site (203 Construction Problem Solving and Decision Making)

The instructor was great, not only at being involved, but being able to show a sense of humor from time to time. I think that helps keep us involved in the discussions. (205 Planning and Scheduling)

I think the instructor is very well organized and participates in each weekly wrap up. (206 Cost Awareness and Production Control)

Instructor Mr. David Hahn is very professional and thorough with his approach and instructions to classmates, and the STP courses online is something I always recommend to the people I work with. (207 Accident Prevention and Loss Control)

Great course, and the whole series was beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses I took.  (204 Contract Documents and Construction Law)

Course lived up to my expectations. There were some very thought-provoking discussions. (208)

The course has been very helpful i will use the text as a reference in the future. (210)


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