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Certification Reactivation
 ASPE Certification Reactivation Application

 ASPE Reactivation Program

The Certification Committee for the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) has adopted a reactivation program for the “Certified Professional Estimator” (CPE) credential.  Those who have failed to maintain the requirements of their Certification and have had their CPE status revoked, may apply to the reactivation program (The Reactivation Program replaces Amnesty effective  8/01/2014). This program applies to lapses not greater than three (3) years from the last expiration date.  As applicable to the certification process, the Certification Committee may offer those qualified individuals a one-time only reactivation program

Participation in the reactivation program may be granted by the Certification Committee after review of the application for reactivation. The request for participation in the reactivation program will be considered and voted on by the Certification Committee and must be approved by a simple majority. Decisions of the committee may be appealed by the applicant per the guidelines of the ASPE Certification Appeal Process.  The reactivation program requires applicants to submit proof of successfully meeting the PDU renewal requirements during the first 12 months of the program. The reactivation program allows participants the use of the CPE credential during the first year and shall extend for a full cycle of 3 years if sufficient PDUs are provided by the enrollment anniversary.

Once reactivation is granted in full by the Certification Committee, the applicant's certification cycles will reset and start over with the current cycle. Applicants will not receive any credit for previous certification cycles prior to the lapse for any reason. The time calculation for Lifetime status will begin anew.  Should the CPE status lapse be for a period of more than three (3) years, then the Certification Committee will require the individual requesting reactivation to re-apply to the certification program as a new candidate.

Requirements for Consideration of Reactivation Application

 The following requirements must be met to apply for reactivation of the CPE credential:

  • Completion of the Credential Reactivation Application
  • Submittal of the Reactivation Fee * (see chart below)

Time from Last Expiration Date
Fee for Reactivation
 12 months or less
 13 to 24 months
 25 to 36 months
 More than 37 months
Not eligible for reactivation-
Must enroll as a new candidate.

Upon approval of the application by the Certification Committee, participants will receive a conditional 12 month reactivation of their CPE status. As part of the reactivation program, participants will be asked to submit the following at the end of the first 12 months of the program:

  • Proof of 1 year of PDU requirements for the first year of reactivation status. (30 PDUs)

Upon submitting proof of meeting the first year renewal requirements, the participant will be fully reactivated for the remaining two years of the three year cycle. The participant will submit a full renewal application on or before their designated expiration date. Failure to meet this requirement will result in termination of the participant’s CPE status and enrollment to the reactivation program. The participant will need to enroll as a new candidate.

Failure to meet the requirements of the reactivation program or any future lapse of the CPE credential will not be eligible for reactivation and reapplication to the certification program as a new candidate will be required.

*Upon participant’s enrollment acknowledgement through submission and acceptance into the reactivation program, fees for failure to successfully meet the requirements for reactivation are non-refundable under any circumstances and cannot be applied towards new candidate enrollment fees.



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