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The American Society of Professional Estimators Foundation, Inc. invites eligible candidates to apply.

Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students pursuing a career within the construction industry.

Multiple Scholarships (up to $25,000) are Awarded Annually

Scholarship Directives:



1. Applicants must be currently enrolled as full time students

2. Applicants must major or minor in a construction related field

3. Applicants must be either a second semester college sophomore, junior, or first semester senior

4. Applicants must have a current cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (based on a 4.0 scale)

5. Applicants shall have no relationship with any member of the Scholarship Committee


Application Requirements:

The Applicant is responsible to provide the following information to the ASPE Scholarship Committee.

1. Completed and signed Application Form

2. Transcript of grades for the three (3) most recent semesters

3. Listing of extracurricular activities

4. Employment History

5. Completed Essay


Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be reviewed and winner(s) selected by the ASPE National Scholarship Committee. All Applicants will be evaluated on the following.

1. Academic Performance (40%)

2. Extracurricular Activities (20%)

3. Essay (40%)

4. Any additional information provided to the Committee, by the Applicant, for its evaluation



1. Scholarship applications and all supporting material are to be received to the following address no later than April 15.

American Society of Professional Estimators Foundation, Inc.
2525 Perimeter Place Drive - Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37214

2. Applicants may be subject to a personal interview with a representative of the ASPE Scholarship Committee.

3. Scholarship award will be sent directly to the recipient's school of enrollment in the recipient's name.

4. Funds permitting, the scholarship winner(s) may be invited to either the Annual Summit which is held in June each year, or to a local Chapter meeting.

5. Scholarship award will be mailed no later than August 1.


  ASPE Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors


Marcene N. Taylor, CPE

Northwest MAL - 90
MTI Cost

First Vice President

Bruce E. Schlesier, CPE

New York - 10
Hollister Construction Services, LLC.


Second Vice President

Melvin D. Cowen, CPE

Chicago - 7
Cowen Estimating & Construction Services

Central Plains Governor

Keith Parker, CPE

Central Indiana - 59
Circle B Construction Systems, LLC.


Appointed Treasurer

Chris Morton, CPE

Denver - 5
Howell Construction